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Thread: Darkslide/film holder camera compatibility

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    Darkslide/film holder camera compatibility

    I recently sold my MPP Mk VII cameras but still have 10 old MPP darkslides. I now use a Sinar F1 and was intending to carry on using my old wooden MPP darkslides but have recently heard that they have a slightly different register and are not compatible. Can anyone confirm or refute this?

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    Re: Darkslide/film holder camera compatibility

    According to the archived MPP site your MPP Mk VII camera should be compatible with modern darkslides. The change from the older 0.2" register occurred at serial number 6000 during the Mk VI production. However, when doubt the register of any old MPP darkslide should be checked before use in critical applications. The older 0.2" register darkslides may be desirable items for users of early models of these fine cameras.

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