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Thread: Sirui CF Tripods

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    Sirui CF Tripods


    I was curious if folks here have had any experiences with Sirui tripods. My Manfrotto 475 is becoming too heavy to lug around, and I've been looking at the Sirui W-2204 or R-4214X as a replacement. Tripod will mostly be used with a Ritter 8x10 and, for the time being no extremely heavy lenses. I will probably upgrade my head later, but for the time being will go headless or adapt the slightly heavy Bogen 3047 head I have.

    Also I realize that there are other options; I've looked at Benro (a possibility) and Gitzo (too expensive). I'm trying to keep things reasonable as in the $500 or less range, of which I have found a few sellers who seem reputable who carry the Sirui brand.

    TIA for any help!

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    Re: Sirui CF Tripods

    I've enjoyed Sirui products and have never had a trouble with their quality. I have a couple much smaller tripods of theirs since 2014, but they've been a pleasure to use.

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    Re: Sirui CF Tripods

    I have the w2204, ive been using it for about 2 years. No complaints at all. If you have any specific questions , I am happy to help.
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    Re: Sirui CF Tripods

    Timely post, I am looking for a new (lighter) cf tripod and happened upon this thread. Seems like the w-2204 would suit me, can anyone tell me if it would fit a manfrotto 141rc head?

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