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Thread: 5x7 Still Life

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    5x7 Still Life

    I just joined so thought a post was in order. This shot was an assignment for the Facebook "Fans of Large Format Still Life Photography".

    "Hardy Magic" was taken with a Toyo G57, HP5 5x7 sheet film developed in Pyrocat HD 1:1:100, exposed at 1/125th at f16 with a Fujinon-L 250mm f5.6 lens. Negative digitized on a light box with a Pentax DSLR and Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro lens. I used 2 globes over Calumet Travellite strobes.

    Thanks for looking in.

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    Re: 5x7 Still Life

    I love it, I can relate on two fronts, I love shooting 5x7, and I've been fly fishing for as long as I nave been into cameras and darkroom work, since the age of 10. I even have a roll of Maxima 2lb tippet in my vest pocket, and a couple of Hardy reels.
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    David Schaller
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    Re: 5x7 Still Life

    What Rick said! Welcome to the forum.
    Tight Lines,

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    Re: 5x7 Still Life

    Great photo!

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    Re: 5x7 Still Life

    Thanks guys! My dictum is large film and small flies!

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