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Thread: Damaged aperture - is it fixable

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    Re: Damaged aperture - is it fixable

    Good suggestions folks - I'll keep an eye out for another parts lens, but I suspect that as old as these things are, pins are going to fall out. I may try the re-manufacturing the pin from JB Weld or epoxy. Heck, I might be able to trim down a wooden or plastic tooth-pic for a pin - just so darn small.

    neilt3, I like the aperture you linked, but I have no idea how one would adapt such a thing to the existing lens barrel.

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    Re: Damaged aperture - is it fixable

    If you have the old pins, you have the pins already... I wouldn't make them, as they need to be smooth, round, and perfect as possible... A considerable amount of force pivots over these, so they need to be bonded well, and no drag from the pivot rotation...

    If you need pivot material, a good hobby or model train store has different metal rods so look there...

    When bonding the rod to the iris blade, it's very good to make a jig of a very flat material with a precision hole for the pin to align it precisely...

    For the heck of it, just price Grimes for the job of re pining it as suggested, if the blade is out, it shouldn't be too much to do, and it's easy to screw it up...

    Steve K

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    Re: Damaged aperture - is it fixable

    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy Storer View Post
    Wollensak made a lot of lenses, and I mean a lot. Maybe you can find another (damaged / broken / cheap) lens that uses the same size aperture blades.
    Iíve done that too. You have to find the same size and type of shutter, but if you keep your eyes out, youíll likely find one at a good price sooner or later. I bought a broken Compound #3 shutter and used the aperture blades to fix one shutter and the mainspring to fix another!

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