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Thread: Hi. New Here. Have a lens problem

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    Re: Hi. New Here. Have a lens problem

    For the inside/outside threads, take a little toothpaste on a q-tip, and being careful not to get any elsewhere, rub the threads for a little while... Repeat with clean q-tip + paste a couple of times, then clean carefully deep in the threads with a toothpick and alcohol on a q-tip again...

    Don't screw on the cells until very clean, or they might bind on...

    Good luck!!!

    Steve K

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    Re: Hi. New Here. Have a lens problem

    Lots of information to deal with . . . . I'll repost once I have the connecting chords. (PS Dr. Tang . . . I've tried the pointer on, inbetween and around . . . not the problem. Thanks)

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    Re: Hi. New Here. Have a lens problem

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Yes indeed the lens gap is not normal but it might be perfectly fine for your purposes. We don't really know if X-sync is dysfunctional until you can test it with a proper cable.

    If you find the lens is sharp, then I would concentrate on the shutter issue then get back to us. You can get a brand new Paramount PB-PF flash extension for under $20. (The cord has a female PC connection - thus it is an extension so you will need a standard PC cord as well.)

    #5 X-synch is usually easy to fix. Funny, but I've never had X go bad.

    Best of luck and please keep us informed.
    Thanks. I'll order one in as soon as next month's pension cheques come in. B&H has them, and they also have free shipping to Canada on orders over $100 so I'll go hogwild and order some chemicals too!

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    Re: Hi. New Here. Have a lens problem

    So much help!!! Thanks to one and all. I really don't know much about vintage LF lenses . . . . I'm a user, not a tinkerer, and this problem has interfered with the use and enjoyment of my 8x10 Cambo.

    Here's my present solution to the problem:

    1) right now, I'm going to use the lens on manual without flash, and set up a portrait lighting system on my old Smith Victor incandescents dedicated to the Kodak lens. I can likely get an exposure of about 1/25th at f8 - 11 or so on ISO 400 films. About what I think I'll have to use for good DOF, etc. I have an old bulb release that will ensure a clean release . . . . I'm not as steady as I used to be.

    2) as I only have one lensboard, I purchased another with a Linhof Technika adapter. All of my lenses are mounted on these Technika boards, and I have appropriate adapter boards for my other LF cameras, both studio and field. For instance, I have a Fujinon L 300mm f5.6 that I use on my 8x10 Intrepid outdoors. I can play around with flash with this lens on the Cambo with this adapter board setup. It's not really the lens I want for portraits, but it will be good as "training wheels" for getting my flash exposure, technique and development times down for the larger film size.

    3) I am fortunate enough to have a 4x5 reducing back for the Cambo, so I can establish exposure and development times for the film I'm going to be using for portraits on either 4x5 or by using the Calumet Roll Film holder on the Commercial Ektar, so I don't have to spend large lettuce on 8x10 film until all is said and done.

    4) in the mean time, until I've fixed all the problems with the Ektar (and again thank you all for your help, I now know how to proceed) I can enjoy learning the ropes of this camera and format on the budget that I can afford.

    I'll post results for your interest as I proceed.

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