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Thread: Dichro 45s burnt

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    Dichro 45s burnt

    Hi all,

    I am new here, here I can find many of you helping and sharing, really appreciate that.

    I am collecting my darkroom equipment as well as my beloved camera over years and finally I can setup my darkroom today.

    I collected an enlarger Dichro 45s almost 3 years ago, I have tested it and then well pack until today. After I setup, I heard the fan is working, however, when I started the bulb, it burnt my power bar's fuse and everything stopped.

    Then I disassemble it until I found there was an circuit board, should be the power supply, verified that no component were burnt. However, I afraid it burnt again caused the problem more serious, so I seek for help now.

    I have a little bit electronic experience, but the circuit board was too old and kinda complex so I cannot know which components have problem. more, I cannot find any engineer here can help me to verify where is the problem.

    Googled over days, found there were power supply conversion for Omega but I cannot find the actual post already as it should no longer exist. I search over but not found any power supply convert from 220V to 82V for the bulb.

    Any suggestion I can try?

    I have shot some 4x5 negative and I want to print it for my coming wedding in December, appreciate if anyone can help me.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Dichro 45s burnt

    Kent - There are 2 45S models, one is the 8278 which is the 120V model and the other is the 8279 which is the 240V model. Both models use the same lamp: Catalog # 8108 - 82V, 250W.

    From the manual: "The lamp and the electronic power supplies in the colorhead are stabilized. DO NOT use an external stabilized power supply unless you are sure the stabilizer output is a good sine wave..."


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    Re: Dichro 45s burnt

    thank you very much!
    I will try to convert it to a 24V 250W halogen bulb, but the color temperature of the bulb is 3300K but not the original 3200K, not sure what will affect while I never try.

    BTW, any where I can find how I can disassemble it? I found it have 2 layer, the layer in between were cabling but I cannot find way to take the housing out.


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