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Thread: Yorkshire in October

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    Yorkshire in October

    I have the wonderful opportunity to tag along with my wife this autumn, as she attends a workshop in North Yorkshire. I plan to gad about for the week that we're staying in Reeth, the 2nd week of October, I believe, and do a bit of hiking and otherwise visiting in the area with the 4x5 in a backpack. Should there be any LFers in that part of the UK, who might have a bit of time during the week to join me on my jaunts, do feel free to be in touch.


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    Re: Yorkshire in October

    What a great opportunity!
    By any chance have you read The Four Men by Hilaire Belloc?
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    Re: Yorkshire in October

    Look up George Tice's "Stone Walls, Grey Skies", a wonderful small book. My maternal grandmother came from Yorkshire; I've never visited but I'd like to. Enjoy your trip!

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