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Thread: Chinese Ebay ground glass

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    Re: Chinese Ebay ground glass

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    I bought one of the Chinese GG some years ago to replace the one on my Toho when it got smashed on a hiking trip. It is adequately bright even working in misty forest or dusk/dawn conditions.

    I can't give you direct experience of the Linhof Fresnel/GG combo (the Technikardan I had for years only had a GG) vs a Bosscreen but I have a similar combo on my Arca F Line. I prefer the Bosscreen for closeup and macro work and use the Fresnel/GG for general work. No great difference in brightness and if I had to, I could easily live with just one of the two.

    All the best
    Great advice. Thank you! I basically shoot with a 135, 150 & a 210. With that said do you think that the GG /fresnel is the ideal combo? If so can anyone recommend a Fresnel?

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    Re: Chinese Ebay ground glass

    I bought one of these for my 8x10 deardorff a few years ago. It was the worst ground glass / fresnel combo I've ever used. I contacted them and told them so and they let me return it. Great customer service but...

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    Re: Chinese Ebay ground glass

    I had a Bosscreen quite awhile ago on a camera. It isn't brighter than a regular screen, but it is grain-less and very easy to focus on.
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