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Thread: New 4x5 'Standard' Camera

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    Re: New 4x5 'Standard' Camera

    Is there any provision for fine focus, or is focus done by sliding the standard by hand along the rail?

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    Re: New 4x5 'Standard' Camera

    Drew, I hope your release of the 4x5 goes well. I'd be very interested if you produced a 5x7 and/or 8x10 camera in the future as it's not too hard to find a cheap, functional used 4x5 camera but stepping up to 8x10 is a huge increase in cost (and difficulty of finding one that isn't decrepit) and 5x7 just doesn't seem to have the depth of availability. Given the modular way your'e conceiving the camera, it'd also be cool to have interchangeable rear standards and bellows to allow oddball things like 4x10, 6x17 (cm in this case), etc. From a design standpoint, I wonder if you could implement multiple different rear standards and backs as varying sized 3D-printed parts held together with common/shared metal bits so that the overhead from your perspective to offer additional formats would be nearly zero.

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    Re: New 4x5 'Standard' Camera

    @JimL - There is not right now. The movement along the rail is quite smooth, but that's one place where my focus (pardon the pun) will be moving to next. I have a few ideas for adding in fine focusing without increasing the complexity of the camera.

    @williaty - Right now I'm focused on making the 4x5 as good as it can be. I'm actually making more improvements (without falling into a 'feature creep' rabbit hole) to it right now. But there is a small chance I might make a similar setup for larger formats - no promises though! I think some designs don't scale up well. I could probably make some money selling an 8x10 to a bunch of people, but if the design isn't sturdy and reliable (as I think the 4x5 is), I'm not going to do that.

    As for rear standard setups and additional features - it's 100% in the pipeline. I've already developed one or two (for example: a bellows extender), but I don't want to commit too much too quickly.
    - Drew Nikonowicz

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