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Thread: Ranger 9 weston

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    Ranger 9 weston

    I would like to know details about the Weston Ranger 9. Also I need this meter for one of my students. Please if you want to part from this meter state your offer We have many Weston Masters in service again.... Any body can help ?

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    Ranger 9 weston

    The Weston Ranger Nine came out early 1966 and was produced for perhaps six years. It has an eighteen degree acceptance angle and a optical viewfinder that deleniates the area measured. It uses two 1.4 volt mercury cells. When Modern Photography tested it, they found that it would read accurately to within a third of a stop from 3.5 seconds at F/1.4 to the top of it's scale, which they noted was the most accurate meter they had tested to that time. That measurement range was with ASA 400 film. Unfortunately, for vari ous reasons, it failed in the marketplace against the Gossen Luna-Pro and caused the cessation of Weston Meter production in this country, although to this day selenium cell Westons are still made in the UK.

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    Ranger 9 weston

    My father gave me my grandfatehers weston Ranger 9 exposure meter. I have no idea how to use it. Can anyone help?

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    Ranger 9 weston

    I have a Ranger Nine and found this link very helpful: scroll down and there is a link to a pdf of the manual.

    Still a very useful, although somewhat large (Minor White described it as "masculine") meter that works quite well.

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    Ranger 9 weston

    I use a Weston Ranger 9. Mine is converted to use silver button batteries. Who or how this was done I have no idea, but it works fine. I got mine from Photo-graphic Systems in New Mexico. I don't know if they have any more but it might be worth a try Weston meters are quite easily found on eBay and even the Ranger 9s aren't very expensive. I send mine to QUality Light Metric in Hollywood, CA as they seem to have all the parts to keep these old meters runnning. Another good resource for info is Of the MAster series, I like the IVs. Though the dial is a bit busy is has the modern numbers rather than the Weston scale and I'm baaaad at math so they are easier for me to use. I have a few for my students to use if I ever get my Large Format photography class going(I need a 5x7 Ansco back and a couple of lens boards for the same type camera----if you have 'em and want to trade I can be persuaded to part with my Ranger 9 ;-)
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