I have a Rittreck that I've been slowly gearing up to use. I got the last needed piece recently in the form of a lens board. Although it's obvious it's the correct board I can't get it to mount on the camera. Unlike other cameras that have a slide, this one has a spring loaded pivoting catch up top. I place the board behind the thin metal plate at the bottom, lever it in and push the catch as far as it seems it should go, and the top of the board just doesn't quite clear the top of the catch, meaning it wont go in without perhaps forcing it. I'm not anxious to use force for fear of jamming the board, breaking the lens, or the camera. The catch itself doesn't pivot very far, maybe 15 degrees.

Can any Rittreck users perhaps point me to the error of my ways before I can find a copy of the manual somewhere? Is there some magic trick to mounting the lens board? The groove at the bottom of the board does appear clean but I'm not convinced the board is going to the absolute bottom, and a millimeter less would be all the board needs to clear the latch.

Thanks in advance everyone. This seems like a great camera and I'm really looking forward to using it.