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Thread: Bogen 3221 + 3029 for Cambo SCX?

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    Bogen 3221 + 3029 for Cambo SCX?


    For a while Iíve been using a Cambo SC2, which sits without problem on my Marchioni Tiltall 4602. I recently just upgraded to a Cambo SCX, which I believe is a little bit heavier (I donít have it yet). Iím wondering if the Bogen/Manfrotto 3221 with a 3029 head would be a significant tripod upgrade for the weight, or will the tiltall be adequate for the SCX?


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    Re: Bogen 3221 + 3029 for Cambo SCX?

    Bogen 3221 is the equivalent of Manfrotto 055 series aluminum legs, right? If so, my experience is that they will carry a medium-weight 4x5 monorail (Linhof Kardan Color 45S in my case) but it's not a very good match. The whole thing gets top heavy, height is limited (I would never extend the center column with a monorail on top). I mounted the rail clamp directly to the tripod for better stability.

    Recently I added a Manfrotto 475B (advertised as comparable to a Bogen 3036) - a larger tripod with leg braces and geared center column. This one handles the monorail much better in my opinion.

    The 055 legs are very nice for anything up to a lightweight field/press 4x5 but only marginal for a full size monorail. Another way to look at this is that it doesn't make much sense to invest in a sturdy and precise camera and then put it on a platform that will likely wobble and shift when you insert a film holder too carelessly.

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    Re: Bogen 3221 + 3029 for Cambo SCX?

    I use my SC on that combination, which IMHO is about the same as the Tiltall in terms of ability, if not complexity. I have also put my wooden Ansco 5x7 and 8x10 cameras (which are quite heavy) on my 055/3029, and while it does work, balance becomes much more important, and I feel most comfortable with the column all the way down. Certainly the specs for that combination even allows the 8x10, if that's what worries you. But I don't feel quite comfy with the combo. I guess I am unusual in that I don't see a big vibrational difference if the 8x10 is on the 055 compared with the huge crutch-leg tripod I use in the studio--in either case, attention and technique is equally needed.

    Regarding spindly tripods--take a look at the skinny wooden things they used to hang under 8x10 cameras 100 years ago. So it can be done. However, we now live in a world where people get by with the most they can afford, not the least.
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