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Thread: Cambo SC vs SCX

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    Cambo SC vs SCX

    Hi everyone,

    I have been using a Cambo SC as my first real 4x5 camera (I had a speed graphic that was in such poor condition it was hardly usable) for about 8 months. I have the opportunity to buy an SCX, which appears to be the pro "step up" model from the SC for about $150. I have a few basic questions that I only ask due to the lack of information online on the SCX.

    I have quite a few accessories for the SC (Bellows, lens boards, etc.), I have no doubt that these are all compatible with the SCX, but I'd like to make absolutely sure; are they?

    The SC sits quite easily on my Tiltall (the original Marchioni) 4602. Its about 11lbs fully loaded with lens/back/etc, however, I'm not convinced that the tripod could handle a ton more weight. Would the SCX be considerably heavier?


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    Re: Cambo SC vs SCX

    Bellows and boards and backs; Yes
    Standards, rail and rail clamps; no

    weight; not much more.
    "There are a great many things I am in doubt about at the moment, and I should consider myself favoured if you would kindly enlighten me. Signed, Doubtful, off to Canada." (BJP 1914).

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