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Thread: 16x20 Bellows Question

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    Re: 16x20 Bellows Question

    Thank you MAubrey and Len Middleton, this is something great to think about! I didn't think of this at all!

    Thank you both! Hope you all have a good rest of your week!

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    Re: 16x20 Bellows Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Qeb View Post
    Thank you Len Middleton, that helps a bit, but I can't totally visualize the description, but thank you still!

    Randy Moe, thank you for your reply. Wow, that compresses really well, this is promising!

    Tracy Storer, thank you also for your reply, the bellows maker did say it would be larger at the back and smaller at the front? I think two bellows joined.

    Hello Mark Sawyer, thank you for your reply! I'm looking for the minimum bellows length to make sure I can shoot at wide lens, something around 360mm.
    And Yep, I know someone in my city that has workshops, but they are super pricey at $450 CAD for 2.5 hours of learning.

    Thanks everyone again! I'm thankful for your help and time!
    Take a look at the bellows on a Linhof 45 Technikardan. It has a double tapered bellows so it compacts extremely compactly compared to a single tapered bellows or a square bellows.

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    Re: 16x20 Bellows Question

    Thanks bob Salomon! I'll inquire with the bellows maker about this. Thanks again!

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