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Thread: Big Bend NP Chisos Mtns

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Big Bend NP Chisos Mtns

    Lucky dude. I'm down to one box of 4x5 E100G in the freezer, and one unopened 20Pk of Ready-load sleeves, which I should probably use before it's too late. But the problem is that I don't have very many matching black and white sleeves at all - just half a dozen or so ACROS Quickload sleeves. Since I tend
    to now shoot more black and white on backpacking trips than color, that ratio just isn't realistic. So this summer and fall I'll probably revert to either 6X9 roll film backs, using Ektar for color, or start carrying my film tent again, along with some 4X5 Mido holders. I no longer have the heat tolerance that I did when
    I was younger, so lugging heavy packs has to be done either here on the coast for my weekly workouts, or preferably above 9,000 ft inland. I love some of
    the colors one can get in hot weather. But I'm afraid Big Bend would be too much for me except in winter. Carry LOTS of water. Doubt the Rio Grande is itself
    safe to drink, even filtered.

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    Re: Big Bend NP Chisos Mtns

    I will be going back but probably in February or so. This trip is an 'accident'. At 70, my bigtime hiking days are over, as I am on my second set of knee prostheses and hope to make the other side on these.

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    Re: Big Bend NP Chisos Mtns

    Love this thread. Requesting permission to go OT and talk about more important things. I love what Joel
    Meyerowitz said about a ‘sense of place’ and th magic of being in the zone. Here is a great interview:
    Dallas Texas HABS / HAER / HALS Photography
    Photographer/Author Marfa Flights: Aerial Views of Big Bend Country (Texas A&M University Press)
    Petroleum Oil Pics

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    Re: Big Bend NP Chisos Mtns

    I'm no kind of artist but I can certainly relate to some of his feelings. I only hope I can get 'in the zone' when I get out to Big Bend tomorrow and Friday. Since I have only the two days--until early next spring, that is--to shoot, I've decided to concentrate on the old structures and environs at Hot Springs and the area around Sotol Vista, perhaps going as far as the Santa Elena canyon overlook.

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