Hi all,

I recently started developing my own E6 at home on a Jobo CPA 2. I use Provia 100F... either 120 film in 2553 tanks or 8x10 sheets in 3005 tanks - when developing (750ml solutions).

However, I find that the color density might be to strong... also, they might be a bit on the warm side compared to what I would get from the lab. The ones from the lab was also a bit «rounder», if that makes any sense...

Also, the brand text inscription on the side of the film is yellow on the rolls from the lab, while the ones Ive done myself is a bit more orange-like... if that is relevant.

Ive been considering adjusting the films white balance...
And shorten the time in the color developer... without really being sure this will actually lower the density? Does anyone know?
Or adjusting the rotation speed to see if that has any effect?

If anyone has any insight in this... how to adjust color density/saturation or the white balance Im happy to hear it :-)

Any E6 developing suggestions are more than welcome really :-)