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Thread: photography for Katrina victims.

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    photography for Katrina victims.

    Paul is right. Photographers can do something to help these people. I spent saturday at the George R Brown convention center in Houston. There were thousands of volunteers unloading truck after truck of donations from around the city and the state. There were stacks of every necessity from baby food to socks piled 10 ft high. This is the fourth facility in Houston that has been prepared for the evacuees. There were so many volunteers that by mid afternoon we were bumping into each other. It feels good to be a Houstonian right now.

    Someone out there has a gallery or knows someone who has a gallery. Perhaps we all could send prints to a central location and have a sale/auction. It would only be a drop in the bucket but oceans are made up of little drops. Who has ideas? Who has some sense of organization and business? Who is in?

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    photography for Katrina victims.

    I live here in Houston. According to the papers, we now have about 110-150,000 new guests. No one knows an exact number. There are numerous charities all collecting non-perishable food, water, clothing and anything else that people who have lost everything might need. I just received a very large email list from Anderson Wrangle, a photography professor at University of Houston that contains a list of all the local charities. Personally, I have decided to donate all the proceeds from my show that opened last night at the De Santos Gallery to Katrina Victims. The show information can be seen at . Gus Kopriva is organizing a charity auction of artwork as well. I do not have all the details of this at the moment, but I will post the information when I have it.

    Here is a summary of Anderson's email list:
    KPFT - 419 Lovett Blvd (@Taft) in the Montrose area - is taking donations
    for 150 people housed at the Shrine of the Black Madonna - 713-526-4000 -
    The Shrine in in 5th Ward and one of the hardest working organizations in
    Houston addressing poverty.
    Telemundo - 1235 North Loop W - (713) 862-5566 - on 610 Loop N and Ella Blvd
    The Houston Food Bank is needing volunteers to manage sorting, packaging and
    delivery of foods to various shelters. They are accepting walk-ins, please
    see the shifts detailed below.

    Location: 3811 Eastex Freeway, Houston, Texas (Map)
    Phone: (713) 223-3700
    Web site address:
    Because we are operating under emergency disaster mode, orientation will not
    be necessary. Please just show up at one of the following times. It is not
    necessary to call and schedule a volunteer shift. We truly appreciate your
    time and effort in helping us respond to hurricane Katrina.

    Volunteer Shifts are as follows:

    Thursday, September 1st
    8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

    Friday, September 2nd
    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Saturday, September 3rd
    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Sunday, September 4th
    1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Monday - Labor Day – September 5th
    8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    *Important Note: Everyone must wear close-toed shoes. Please leave your
    bags, purses, and cell phones locked in the trunk of your car or at home. If
    you are bringing a group of 5 or more, please call before coming.
    Individuals do not need to call in advance. At this time, you must be at
    least 16 years old.


    Announcement from Bering Omega Community Services:

    Bering Omega is hosting "drop-off" sites at our residential hospice 602
    Branard (Map) and our adult day care center 1429 Hawthorne (Map) for anyone
    who wishes to bring donations for the hurricane victims. We will then
    transport and ensure that the donations reach the refugees.

    We will be collecting personal grooming items such as shampoo, soap, lotion,
    tooth brushes and toothpaste, and also linens, towels, sheets, pillows, as
    well as miscellaneous items like towelettes, children diapers, and bottled
    water. People may bring their donations to either the Care Center between
    the hours of 7am and 5pm, or to Omega House on Branard Street, which is open
    24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Donations by phone at 1-800-HELP NOW
    Donations by internet at

    Donations by mail to PO Box 397, Houston, TX 77001, designate “Disaster
    Information line at 713-313-5480


    Red Cross – Bay Area Shelters

    Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
    18220 Upper Bay Rd, Nassau Bay; Donations accepted 8am-8pm at main entrance

    **Accepting donations of towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, deodorant,
    razors, feminine hygiene products, diapers, babywipes, bottles, formula,
    paper plates, napkins, disposable utensils,

    **Most needed items currently: bottled water, soda, juice, individual snack

    **Also taking volunteers to assist at shelter – go to website to register

    Updates listed on website at

    Moody Methodist Church-- Galveston
    2803 53rd Street, Galveston
    Phone: 409-744-4526

    **Accepting donations of sheets, blankets, sleeping bags, clothing in good
    condition (need more mens clothes), new underwear (children and adults),
    shoes, school supplies, bottled water and drinks, non-perishable foods,
    toiletries (hygiene and feminine products), towels, washcloths,
    diapers/wipes, baby food/formula, and paper goods. Items can be delivered to
    Fellowship Hall (on Ave. U southside) from 8:30am - 9pm.

    **Needs volunteers to serve meals, cleanup after meals, accept physical
    donations and sorting through donated items.

    Updates on website at

    Donations by phone at 1-800-SALARMY (725-2769)
    Donations by internet at
    Donations by mail to 1500 Austin Street, Houston, TX 77002
    Information by phone at 713-752-0677

    Salvation Army – Bay Area Shelters
    Pasadena Shelter
    2732 Cherrybrook Lane
    Phone: 713-378-0020


    3811 Eastex Freeway, Houston (Map) @ Cavalcade and 59
    Accepting donations of non-perishable food, paper goods, cleaning supplies,
    baby supplies, water, heat & eat meals, single serve foods, personal hygiene
    products and volunteers.
    Call 713-223-3700 or 713-547-8609


    Clear Lake United Methodist Church
    Accepting donations of food and cleaning products
    16335 El Camino Real (Map)
    Houston, Texas 77062
    Call 281-488-5110.


    The U.S. Coast Guard in Houston is asking for donations to help about 50
    workers in New Orleans on rescue efforts who are running out of basic
    supplies. Donations can be dropped off at the Coast Guard office at
    Ellington Field. Items in needed include: toilet paper, wipes, soap, first
    aid kits, bug spray, foot powder, bottled water, sports drinks, coffee,
    Power bars, granola bars, cups of dry soup, sleeping bags and pillows, D and
    AA batteries.


    United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast
    United Way Katrina Refugee Relief Fund, to assist local agencies that are
    caring for displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina
    Contributions can be made at any of the more than 80 Amegy Bank of Texas
    banking centers
    Visit any banking center and reference "United Way Katrina Refugee Relief
    Fund," Account #3601021 or mail to "Attn Teller, P.O. Box 27459; Houston,
    Texas 77227"


    I-10 at I-45
    Collecting goods to be donated to hurricane victims
    Visit their website: for location and phone number


    Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
    Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza is asking Catholics throughout the 10-county
    archdiocese to contribute to a special collection this weekend that will go
    to aid victims in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. The special
    collection will be taken up at all Masses at every parish in the archdiocese
    this weekend. The money raised will be given to Catholic Charities USA Link,
    which is among the primary responders in the regions devastated by Hurricane


    West Houston Church of Christ (Collecting Gift Cards)
    Collecting gift cards (phone, gas, food, Wal-Mart, etc) in any denomination
    to be distributed to Hurricane Katrina victims in Red Cross shelters in
    Texas. The collection will extend through the month of September and cards
    may be brought to West Houston Church of Christ, 17100 West Road (Map),
    Houston, TX 77095. For additional information, see our website or call


    ICNA Relief-Helping-Hand
    P.O. Box 572181, Houston - Texas 77257
    Adivision of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) -- a humanitarian
    relief and development organization. Providing assistance like food and
    shelter to many, including about 150 displaced Muslim families in Baton
    Rouge. ICNA Relief-Helping-Hand has allocated $25,000 for this specific
    effort and appealing for additional donations.


    Lone Star Equine Rescue (Horse Rescue)
    The group has been called in to help with the horse rescue efforts after the
    storm hits. Supplies and manpower are needed. Lone Star Equine Rescue, Rose
    Westover, 713-467-3444 in Tomball area and Almost Heaven Riding Stables,
    John or Jodie Arrington, Highlands (east side staging) 281-426-3451
    Newly Added: Drop off locations and HEB Food Drive Information

    Drop off Locations:
    St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
    6800 Buffalo Speedway
    Houston, TX 77025
    Monday – Friday & Sunday
    9 AM – 5 PM
    SVDP Washington Thrift Store
    2020 Washington Ave
    Houston, TX 77007
    Tuesday – Saturday
    10 AM – 6 PM
    SVDP Bellaire Thrift Store
    5236 Cedar Bellaire
    Bellaire, TX 77401
    Tuesday – Saturday
    10 AM – 6 PM
    Ozanam Outlet
    610 Memory Lane
    Houston, TX 77037
    Tuesday – Saturday
    10 AM – 6 PM
    Sacred Heart – Galveston
    1302 Broadway Street
    Galveston, TX 77550
    Monday – Friday
    9 AM – 4 PM
    St. Matthias Catholic Church
    302 S. Magnolia Rd
    Magnolia, TX 77355
    Monday – Friday
    9 AM – 4 PM
    Kroger Stores
    The Kroger Co. said it would accept donations from customers throughout the
    month of September to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Beginning this
    week, customer donations will be accepted at all of the Company’s 3,300+
    supermarkets, multi-department stores and convenience stores. All monies
    collected will be forwarded directly to the American Red Cross for relief
    efforts tied to the hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast earlier this week.
    For other cities around Texas or additional information visit their website

    On Friday, Sept. 2, donate goods at the following H-E-B stores:
    HOUSTON – 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    H-E-B # 563 Riverpark, 19900 Highway 59
    H-E-B #540 Gulfgate, 3111 Woodridge
    H-E-B #472 Fountainview, 2660 Fountainview
    H-E-B #579 Woodlands Market, 9595 Six Pines Drive
    H-E-B #576 Louetta/Steubner, 7310 Louetta
    H-E-B #497 Mason , 1621 Mason Road

    Tamara Scharck

    Nathalie Paravicini
    Executive Director
    Cel: 832-347-4787

    The mission of the Community Doula Program is to educate and nurture
    expectant youth in disadvantaged neighborhoods, by cultivating peer Doulas
    from the communities served.

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    photography for Katrina victims.

    This could be doable. Someone with a webiste can donate space and present a gallery of the donated photographs. We'll need to get the word out with media releases in our hometowns. We'll need someone who can handle credit cards. I can give the web gallery a try, but where there's commerce involved it'll have to redirect to a photographer's web that can handle transactions.

    If we decide to use a real time gallery, we need the gallery able to handle the load. Do we know a gallery owner who can do that? I can donate a print and pay the shipping, but the logistics after that are rough.
    "I meant what I said, not what you heard"--Jflavell

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    photography for Katrina victims.

    I don't know if this will help but I have web space and I'm set up to take PayPal. Let me know if I can be of assistance in any way! I can be reached at

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    photography for Katrina victims.

    There we go. Already Ellen takes down a barrier. I can do the web work if she likes, then direct surfers to her paypal arrangements. Anyone else have a solution to barriers?

    I'm off to an assignment. I'll check here later.
    "I meant what I said, not what you heard"--Jflavell

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    photography for Katrina victims.

    Thanks John I have two domains ( & with web space that I have not utilized as yet because html is simply not something my brain can make sense of. So, I appreciate your offer of web work! Like I said, let me know and we'll go from there.

    I also have at least one print that I think would be a good seller that I'd be happy to post for sale - donating the proceeds to Katrina victims. Gee, maybe I have more but lack of confidence in my own work is rearing it's ugly head :0

    To take this further, I am going to contact my photography club to see if they can donate prints as well. Another idea I had is to contact my local camera store to see if they would be willing to donate materials (chemicals, ink jet paper, whatever). That will help photographers get more prints up for sale, wouldn't you think? Can ya'll do the same with your favorite vendors? We could add links to the website to them so that people would know they stepped up to help and it would be good publicity for them.

    I think administratively, it will easier to work out a drop-shipment arrangement. For example, some buys a print from "JoeBlow" and I collect the funds via PayPal. I let "JoeBlow" know that he has sold a print and where to ship it. What do ya'll think?

    I think we can really do something here

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    photography for Katrina victims.

    Count me in, please.

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    photography for Katrina victims.

    So far we're making a little progress. Any lawyers out there want to chime in on how to keep this legal in the eyes of the IRS?
    "I meant what I said, not what you heard"--Jflavell

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    photography for Katrina victims.

    Count me in to contribute work too.

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    photography for Katrina victims.

    as of 31 March 2001 the UK still owed the USA $346,287,953 as part of repayments due to WW2. As a UK tax payer, I'm still paying this off (although I was not alive during this period).

    As we British tax-payers are pouring money into the USA federal reserve, can't we demand that these monies go to help those in most need on the southern coast?

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