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Thread: Selling Prints Online

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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    Selling the type of photos you like may keep your integrity but selling what the public wants keeps you fed.

    You are either in business or not. You either have a niche following or you do not. People buy what they like not what others like.

    Large format makes great prints, but it is the subject of those prints that sells.

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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    Quote Originally Posted by John Olsen View Post
    This is a timely thread for me. I've gotten out of the galleries that were taking so much of my time and have put up items now on Ebay. I'll let you know in a few weeks whether it works for me, but feedback and advice from LFF members would be interesting also.
    I was a little more than a year ahead of you... I've been mainly a buyer on eBay since ~1998, but have also used it to sell some excess photo gear over the years.

    So, in April or May of 2017 I started putting some of my prints up for sale there. A typical one might get only one or two views per week (and I'm not sure they aren't bots), but I've only had two that were ever bookmarked (put on someone's Watch list), I've gotten no messages or inquiries from anyone, and no sales.

    I've tried to be creative in choosing titles, to encourage serendipitous discovery in search results -- for example, someone looking for South Park DVD's might find my picture of the real place. for anyone who wants to look at a sampling of my work, comments welcome.

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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    Another route is to become a youtube photography personality: Thomas Heaton, James Popsys, and others make a living from youtube income and from the prints that they sell. I doubt this is the route you were thinking of, but this is how they do it.

    Has anyone had luck with Etsy?

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    Re: Selling Prints Online

    Quote Originally Posted by Allan B View Post

    I would like to start selling prints online.
    I am looking at print on demand companies.
    You upload digital files, they take orders, print the photos, ship, etc.
    I don't expect to make a full time living doing this,
    but some extra money would be great.

    Does anyone here have experience with Fine Art America,
    Society6, or similar companies?

    It seems that with so many artists represented, it would be difficult
    to be found, get the right buyers, etc.

    Thanks for your help,
    Hey Allan,
    I asked myself the same question and did a lot of research. I found this company called
    They have all the essentials for selling to ordering prints and delivery. And payment processing.
    They cost cheap per month compared to others.
    Their blog boasts other sellers do quite well making sometimes 6 digits.


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