Hello and thanks for helping out.

I'd like to do an ultra-macro project (10:1 or more) and and pondering how to go about it. I have a few cameras with extensive bellows draw, so that's not a problem. I'm just wondering what lens I should use. From what I understand not all LF lenses perform well at 1:1 or closer, that's why there are special macro-designated ones, but they are crazy expensive. From modern glass that comes to mind I have the following:
Fujinon-W 360 6.3
Fujinon-W 210 5.6
Sironar-N 180 5.5
Nikkow-SW 90 4.5

Once racked out super far I'd imagine they will all cover pretty big (and I'm not set on the size I want to make my images, so I can just see how mig a particular lens covers at magnification I want and then adapt to that size), but which one do you think would be best and also, do you know of any affordable non-macro lenses that are known for good macro performance?