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Thread: The Return of Photobucket

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    The Return of Photobucket

    There's apparently new management at Photobucket, and they've restored the links to images stored there for hosting purposes. Not sure for how long, but quite a few lost images are back, on this forum and across the web...
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    Re: The Return of Photobucket

    I wish them all good fortune but once burned...

    EDIT - I know it was not their intent but their actions did push me to find a better solution for hosting my images on-line.
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    Re: The Return of Photobucket

    While we're on the subject...

    I HATE the insane advertising on PB. I need to find a new image host!!

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    Re: The Return of Photobucket

    I have used BlueHost web hosting since 2003 and never lost a thing. For < $150 per year you can have several websites or just one. You can use CMS software like Wordpress, Concrete, Joomla, or OSCommerce or simple HTML. You also get personalized email addresses with your URL too so you don't have to rely on GMAIL or others, comes in handy for creating email used by family members vs those used by advertisers (junkmail@yourdomain). You can store various sizes of your images for distribution or backup for your use. You could also look at Amazon AWS S2 storage + HTML/Javascript if you want to go cloud-based but I don't think it would be any cheaper since you pay for storage and possibly traffic, but no url email. S2 has the advantage of different cost structures for storage, readily available vs longterm and not readily available and a couple in between. Blog hosting is another way to go but if you want volume you usually have to pay something.

    With free storage you are at the mercy of the vendor to preserve your images.
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