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Thread: Large Format workshops in the Smokies - October

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    Large Format workshops in the Smokies - October

    Danny Burk Photography is offering two LF-related workshops in the Smokies in October 2005:

    1) Introduction to Large Format, 15-16 October: this course will jump-start the new Large Format user's knowledge and familiarity with cameras, lenses, and other accessories. Each morning will include thorough discussion and demonstration of movements, choosing the best focal plane and point of focus, and much more; afternoons are devoted to setup and practice of concepts and techniques discussed during morning sessions. Questions regarding exposure, scanning, Photoshop technique, and printing are also invited; a large portfolio of my prints will be on hand for your examination and discussion.

    2) Fall Color in the Smokies, 17-22 October: this workshop concentrates on photographing the Smokies' glorious fall color; while all camera formats are welcome, the workshop is structured toward large format shooting and most participants will be shooting 4x5 or larger. You won't feel rushed by being the only non-35mm shooter! We'll visit rocky streams, mountain overlooks, wooded trails, pioneer dwellings and farm structures, waterfalls, and more. Note that this session doesn't overlap content with the preceding Intro to Large Format; while this longer event's main intent is to seek out and make photographs, your technical or other questions are always welcome at any time. **Note that only two slots remain open for the Fall Color workshop**

    More detailed information can be found on this page:

    Thank you for your interest; don't hesitate to write if you have questions!

    Regards, Danny
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    Large Format workshops in the Smokies - October

    for anyone considering doing a fall workshop in the smokies, i would give Danny's very serious consideration. not only is he quite familiar with the area, but as anyone who has seen his work in person or on the web will attest, he's one heck of a great photographer. danny's also a great teacher, which is why his workshops are so beneficial to folks of all experience levels.

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