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Thread: dumb question about Sinar

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    dumb question about Sinar

    How do you pronounce it? The guys at the photo store say it "see-nar", most photographers I know say "sI-nar".

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    dumb question about Sinar


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    dumb question about Sinar

    I suppose at the factory those who are predominantly French speaking would say "see-NAR" and those who are predominantly German speaking might say "SEE-nar," but like most Americans, I tend to say "SI-nar" with a long "i."

    Used Sinar stuff is shockingly cheap these days. I recently bought an 8x10" P for about the price of a Digital Rebel XT.

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    dumb question about Sinar

    "See", sez me.

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    dumb question about Sinar

    Interesting... LOL... I thought it was pronounced with a short 'i' like sinner but with the 'ar' ending.

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    dumb question about Sinar

    Sinar stands for Studio, Industry, Nature, Architecture and Reproduction. So I think it should be pronouced with a short 'i' like 'industry".

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    dumb question about Sinar

    You say potato...

    Well - having spent time in europe and knowing the general effect that complete disrespect of americans for foreign languages - I tend to be as sensitive as I can to this. But then, you know - it comes off to americans as being 'snobby'. So basically I USED to say SEE-nar but now I say SIN-ar just to compromise a little. You just can't EVER win, you know?? BTW - I believe sinars are made in the german speaking part of switzerland - which would indicate SEE-nar. But whateva, right?

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    dumb question about Sinar

    Just phone the factory and listen to how the locals say it.

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    dumb question about Sinar

    It's very simple - pronounce it - SINAR. As simple as that.

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    dumb question about Sinar

    When I was the Sinar salesman for EPOI we pronouned it just as it is spelled in American English. sigh nar. So did the factory people who would work with us.

    That doesn't mean that in other countries that are not native English speakers wouldn't pronounce it in whatever way is more comfortable for them.

    Same for Linhof, Gepe, Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, Rimowa, Rollei, etc.

    It doesn't matter how you pronounce it all the matters to each company is that you buy and use it.

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