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Thread: Toyo-View Deuxe 45M Rail Problems

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    Question Toyo-View Deuxe 45M Rail Problems

    I need some feedback/advice

    I recently purchased what I think is a Toyo-View Deluxe 45M, in addition to everything needed to take pictures.

    My problem is that the rail I received it with the camera is a 150mm extension rail. I bought a second extension rail but you can't mount two extension rails to each other. This model's monorail has teeth so I haven't been able to find any standard rails on Ebay.

    I'm not sure what to do from here. I have a complete and working camera but the rail is too short to do anything useful with. I can't even focus to infinity on a 150mm lens. Is there somewhere I can get a standard rail so I can start taking pictures or am I better off selling it? Parts for this model seem to be scarce. Here are some pictures for reference.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Toyo-View Deuxe 45M Rail Problems

    I have a Toyo 45C. I suspect (but I can't be sure) that those teeth are proud of the raised section on my rail. In which case an untoothed rail would fit but you might have an issue locking the camera down. Without seeing the clamps I can't tell. I'd be happy to post images of my rail for comparison if you need them.

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    Re: Toyo-View Deuxe 45M Rail Problems

    Contact forum member B.S. Kumar to help you find an extension rail; they do exist.
    I've owned this very same camera a few times, and apart from the rails, most other accessories are compatible with the Toyo G system.
    You can use your current rail while you wait for an extension. Simply detach the bellows and lens board from the front standard, and flip the standard around.
    Re-attach bellows and lens board; that should provide some extra extension, it will keep the standards a little farther apart.
    Do the opposite when using short lenses.

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    Re: Toyo-View Deuxe 45M Rail Problems

    Thanks, Ari.

    The Toyo 45 Deluxe uses thinner rails than the 45G series. The bellows, lens boards and backs are interchangeable between the two systems. Extension rails cannot be mounted to each other. A standard rail is needed. Please send me a message or email from the "Send Email" link when you click on my name on the left.


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