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Thread: Darkroom cooling/air conditioning options

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    Re: Darkroom cooling/air conditioning options

    For such a case, I always used a regular air conditioner and put it at the coldest temperature. But I can say that it often happened that aircon not cooling, and I had to pay money for chemical cleaning or for replacing some part, for example, a compressor. So guys, keep an eye on your air conditioner and clean it regularly if it works for you often. I hope I helped you somehow because I have never been so earnestly engaged in what you were doing. Good luck to you and I wish you to solve all your problems, friend. If anything, write to me in private messages. I understand the issues with air conditioners.
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    Re: Darkroom cooling/air conditioning options

    Are your a/c filters clean? Without adequate air circulation around the coils, the heat exchange process cannot happen, Captain. If not that, it's time for a professional assessment.

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    Re: Darkroom cooling/air conditioning options

    And some units shut down a/c function when clogged filters are detected. If it is a window or portable unit it probably means it is time to buy a new one.

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    Re: Darkroom cooling/air conditioning options

    I did a window mounted AC unit (I built a wall opening for it) in a garage DR. I had to find light tight vents to balance the air. Wall (window) mounted units blow air in to the room but, suck from the outside. I had to provide a vent to balance the pressure. It was soooo long ago....I don't remember where I got them but, they worked and the AC unit was light tight..

    (during construction) the city building inspector requested ventilation and I found it.

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