In all the photo forums, I don't recall any discussions on boots. Like in the kind you wear. Mighty dadgum important subject for those of us who trudge out with cameras (or chainsaws for that matter). I've been thinking of a new pair of Timberlands, and I've got an old pair already that are still usable. Great boots, but they sure do pack with mud on the soles. Problem is when the mud dries, it shrinks and you've got big clumps of hard clay all over the house. Ive heard about a brand that is just as good and has just as much "4x4 monster truck tread", but don't pack with the big clumps. But otherwise are just as rugged and lasting.
I've had army boots, but honestly they were foot killers. I'm talking about a medium-top super rugged boot that has some amount of comfort to them. Any ideas? thank you.
Edit. It's too much to ask for water resistant ones on top of all my other specifications. I can tell you that 2 pairs of socks do indeed get wet in Timberlands. Not sopping wet, but they sure ain't dry.