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Thread: Yosemite Closes!

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    Re: Yosemite Closes!

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    Re: Yosemite Closes!

    Quote Originally Posted by ScottPhotoCo View Post
    Very cool video. Thanks for sharing Tim.


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    Re: Yosemite Closes!

    The latest I heard----in preparation for the expected flood at the Housekeeping Camp, the mattresses on the lower beds were supposed to have been stacked on the upper bunks well above the flood waters.
    They weren't and by now are probably a mattress Armada exiting the Golden Gate.
    To open the Housekeeping Camp on time, a crew was sent to Tuolumne Meadows to pick up the mattresses stored there, in a trailer.
    The crew found the trailer and trucked it down to the valley.
    When the trailer was opened, it was---fully loaded---with---firewood. LOL!
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    Re: Yosemite Closes!

    Why does none of this surprise me?

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