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Thread: A photographers notebook

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    A photographers notebook

    As I was sitting and enjoying a second cup of coffee on my patio early this beautiful Colorado morning, I was reflecting upon my life as a working photographer, and reflecting on where I've been and where I am today.

    As I look back and realize how very lucky I have been over my life, I increasingly feel that I need to give something back to my chosen profession and to those now climbing that ladder to a life as a working photographer, or just as a hobbiest and bathing in the joy of taking pictures.

    Next weekend will mark my 70th. birthday..but I don't feel 70 and many friends tell me I don't look it either. Perhaps I'm not over the hill just yet as I have just f inished building a 1000 sq' lab, gallery, teaching and finishing facility in the basement of my SE Denver town house, that saw me install over 300 2x4's and about 2 and 1/2 tons of dry wall, all by myself. A photographic facility to make pictures, and teach those who are hungry to learn, and share.

    In my life, photography has taken me places, and let me do things that most will only dream about, and I am a very lucky guy.

    I am thinking about posting on this board, a series of pieces , writing about locations, camera equipment... to techniques, challenges, failures and so perhaps pass along to others younger than I, stories that might give some insight and information to those who hunger for that type of thing in the world of photography.

    Although only semi-retired, I still shoot but I can now pick and choose assignment that interest me. I do not intend to set myself up as some kind of authority on photography because I am not. The first law of wisdom, I think, is to fully realize that you are not the 'fastest gun in the west'.

    My question is simply.... do posters on this board think that my posts might be something of interest or of value. I would call my posts something corny like.."A Photographers Notebook, Page One...Two,...and so on. Obviously my posts would have to have some 'meat' in them or they would be a waste of time for me, and the members of this forum. Some might also be controversial......So be it. Controversial posts invite discussion, ...and thought.

    My over all goal would be to provide content that would encourage photographers to think...or reflect.

    Your comments or criticisms are invited.

    Richard Boulware - Denver.

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    A photographers notebook

    Investigate using weblog software - it has an easy learning curve and would be ideal for journal type entries. There are several good companies with free or low-cost online services.

    I love reading this kind of stuff -- I'm sure you'd have a dedicated following.

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    A photographers notebook


    I'd like to see such postings. One of our local (Knoxville, TN) pros, Harley Ferguson, is 83 and is still working part time doing the photography he likes. I always enjoy talking to him and learn useful things, probably the most insightful being that people who are doing what they love never really retire.


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    A photographers notebook


    running it as a weblog might be useful, but I would be just as happy to have periodic notebook notes appear in my mailbox from here
    You'd be amazed how small the demand is for pictures of trees... - Fred Astaire to Audrey Hepburn blog

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    A photographers notebook

    Richard,what exactly would you like to offer that anyone interested cannot find on the web elsewhere?

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    A photographers notebook


    Please go ahead with your plans and write this stuff up. If there's no interest in having it be part of this website, just go ahead and build your own website (or, as folks have suggested, write it up in blog format using one of the free or inexpensive blog services like or

    Don't let the perception that you might be duplicating stuff that's already existing stop you. There's infinite space on the WWW. Even assuming what you wrote was similar to what someone else has written, your different voice, writing style, and approach will make whatever you write be a valuable contribution to the WWW.

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    A photographers notebook

    and while you're at it, you might want to check out some of the other photo blogs out there. some are consistently interesting. i don't visit them as often as i should. if you start your own you'll be part of a worthwhile and growing community.

    Tim, you had a list of some good blogs, didn't you?

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    A photographers notebook

    Richard, I think what you're describing would be fascinating reading. By all means, write it!

    Greg Coates<br />
    Divine Reflections Photography

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    A photographers notebook

    Sounds like interesting reading. Perhaps you could get the articles posted on the companion site to this forum, They would be more perminent there than as posts to this forum or blogs.

    Brian Vuillemenot
    Brian Vuillemenot

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    A photographers notebook

    Cant' wait for the first installment, Richard. Go for it.

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