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Thread: agfa neutol wa formula

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    Re: agfa neutol wa formula

    Just look at ID20 (MQ)/ID-62(PQ) and the warm tone variant ID-78.

    Replace the Phenidone with 3 grams of Metol, you may need to add a gram or two more of Bromide. That is around 10x

    Use either formula Neutol WA or ID-78 they give virtually identical results, but as Metol is a fraction colder working you may need to add an extra gram of Potassium Bromide.


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    Re: agfa neutol wa formula

    Thanks Ian for the quick reply. I will try that suggestion and see what happens.


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    Re: agfa neutol wa formula

    Quote Originally Posted by IanG View Post
    Sol, I divided the concentrate quantities by 3.75 to get a comparison with published Ilford & Kodak formulae, and left out the EDTA Na4.

    Here's the formula translated from German:

    Neutol WA Concentrate

    EDTA Na4 10g
    Potassium Sulphite 225 g
    Hydroquinone 45 g
    Phenidone 1.5 g
    Potassium Carbonate 45 g
    Potassium Hydroxide 15 g
    Potassium Bromide 10 g
    Water to 1 litre

    Use 1+9 (1+7 - 1+14)

    Like Ilford ID-78 it has a good shelf life, both give very similar tones.

    Greetings to all .
    This formula looks really great.
    I have a simple inquiry, please.
    Regarding Phenidone, it is actually not available in Egypt, and I had heard here that I can make up for it by using Metol 10 times.
    Let me just confirm,
    Does this mean that the compensation ratio is as follows:
    1.5 x 10 = 15 grams

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