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Thread: Building a new 4x5 camera

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    Re: Building a new 4x5 camera

    Nice looking shop!
    Anyway keep going, best to be overbuilt and sturdy than thin and wobbly.
    I’m starting a sliding box 4x5 in a few weeks but the only power tools I have are a table saw and drill press. (So we will see what happens.

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    Re: Building a new 4x5 camera

    Looking good. Really like the beech wood.

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    Re: Building a new 4x5 camera

    Impressed - but I have to say that you have over dimensioned by at least by a factor of x2!

    The Intrepid design with birch laminate is closer to the optimal design.

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    Re: Building a new 4x5 camera

    Beautiful and heavy.

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