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Those who know the work of Michael A. Smith and his wife Paula Chamlee will be glad to know Michael is recovering from a stroke.


Serious, but he is getting around and both he and Paula think he will be able to attend the AIPAD show in New York in April. They have their space and should be there with books so you can stop by, visit and buy some from them personally


The information is from my Uncle who talked with Paula. This is written after she gave her permission to go public with it.

Paula is currently running LODIMA PRESS and their 501(c)3 operation as well as their photo business while Michael is recovering. A lot of work but if anyone is up to it, she is. The photo workshop planned for May and other projects are still going forward.

Well wishes, prayers, purchasing books or Lodima photo paper or prints can only help them keep going while Michael recovers from the serious and life threatening stroke.

They are good people, excellent artists and we hope Michael and Paula both get through this in good spirits and their work keeps moving forward.
Willie, do you have an update from your uncle. I have not had a reply from Paula or Michael for several weeks; unusual, and I'm concerned.

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