Gotta cut to the chase here with trying to develop 30x40's in 2 gallons of solution. I need more time...which implies greater developer dilution, something I've never really gotten into. I mess around with film developer quite frequently...but almost never do this for paper, beyond going with a manufacturer's "maximum dilution" recommendations.

At any thought is that I'd dilute some Moersch 4812 from its current 1/14 to twice this, adding enough water to make it 1/28. I'll then run some tests...anticipating that I'll need to perhaps double my developing time (from three to six minutes) and that I may also need to make some adjustments for what will likely be a reduction in contrast.

If someone with some experience doing this could let me know that I'm on the right track...or could steer me right on this - it would be much appreciated. Thanks!