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Thread: What shutter is this?

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    Re: What shutter is this?

    Thanks for all the responses - I didn't spot the threads on the shutter connection so assumed I needed a bulb and tubing!

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    Re: What shutter is this?

    Phil - my Silens shutter is slightly older that yours mine is #28423 and look just like your shutter. My shutter has a cable release location that projects out of the side as a silver metal cylinder and on the end with what looks like a nipple. Inside of the nipple is threaded for a cable release. I can't see clearly from your photo but I can see something between the open shut/shutter lever (P, _, A) and the branding lable "Thomas S Day" that looks like it could be the cable release, bulb release location. Note these take a LONG throw cable release. The first time I received mine I cleaned and adjusted it and took a finish nail to verify that the release was working. I use a rubber gasket on the end of my lens to screw the shutter to / and help as a light seal.

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    Re: What shutter is this?

    I can give some extra information to the OP about his Silens shutter. It is the version that was designed to be built into the camera - either on inside of of the front standard or behind a (large) lens board.

    I just happen to have received a large (30x40cmj camera from Italy this morning, where this shutter is mounted behind the lens board and is still complete. If you look at the adjuster on yours, you will see that it has a gear-like head. This was mechanically connected to a matching head mounted on the lens board by a chain link. The allowed adjustment outside the camera. It was so smart as to combine the pneumatic release coupler which this setting mechanism.

    The photos show the shutter mechanism inside (Rubber tube needs replacing!) and the shutter setting/pneumatic link on the lens board.

    The camera also has a "new to me" universal iris lens clamp.
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