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Thread: Print squeegee panel anybody?

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    Re: Print squeegee panel anybody?

    Quote Originally Posted by Merg Ross View Post
    I use a 16x20 piece of white acrylic for judging smaller prints. It sits atop, and drains directly into the fixer tray.
    So fix for about half the total time, quick rinse then paste on the squeegee panel to view? Then back into the fixer I guess.

    Thanks for all the input so far - it's really helping me to think about my darkroom workflow as it has been a while since I had access to one.

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    Robert Bowring
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    Re: Print squeegee panel anybody?

    After I fix the print I rinse it in flowing water for a couple of minutes then view it in a clean white tray under my viewing light. I use couple of old clean ferrotype plates to squeegee the washed prints and then air dry them on fiberglass screens.

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    Re: Print squeegee panel anybody?

    I always just used the flat bottom of my biggest tray, sitting in the sink, leaning back against the wall.
    Thanks, but I'd rather just watch:
    Large format:
    Mostly 35mm:
    You want digital, color, etc?:

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    Re: Print squeegee panel anybody?

    A white plastic cutting board. No sharp edges and it has a handle already cut into it. For larger prints, the bottom of a 16x20 white plastic tray. For the squeegee I bought a better-quality new 20-inch windshield wiper blade at WalMart. It works great.

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    Re: Print squeegee panel anybody?

    I use a large piece of grey PVC leaned against the wall. After fixing the print I give a quick rinse and place it on the board. I view the print with a 15watt white bulb. Anything brighter and I will misjudge the drydown of the final print.
    Ron McElroy

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    Re: Print squeegee panel anybody?

    I make three prints as stated above.. The main reason is I never know exactly the lighting of final position of the prints.. As I print for others my work ends up on walls that I have no ability to judge the light.

    So if you know exactly where the print is going to reside... take meter measurments and then match them in your print area... but for me that is an impossible scenerio to work with...

    With three prints I am pretty much assured the gallery will pick the print that works best in their lighting arrangement.

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