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Thread: Drum scanning Polaroid/Impossible 10x8

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    Drum scanning Polaroid/Impossible 10x8

    Can someone advise what i am left with after taking a photo using the latest Polaroid Originals/Impossible 10x8 film and whether any part of the developed product is suitable, or safe, to drum scan. By safe i mean safe to touch the surface of my drum and not risk crazing the hard surface etc. with the processing chemicals? Even re-reading that last sentence scares me!
    Is there a transparent element to the product, either negative or positive, or is it just a 'reflective' image?
    If all i am left with is a reflective image, and am unable to do anything other than frame it, i am wondering whether it is a worthwhile pursuit

    thanks ...Sweep

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    Re: Drum scanning Polaroid/Impossible 10x8

    Hi Sweep,

    I am not sure about the scanning part but the Impossible 8x10 should be able to give you a negative. See these videos:

    There was also this thread which should be looked at if you are pealing the transparency from its backing:

    I would suppose the question would be about the silver framing around the negative and if that is removable or would it hurt the drum. I'll let other chime in as I have no experience with that.

    Best Regards!

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