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Thread: Backpack for 8x10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torlief View Post
    Thanks for sharing this. I have an older Lowepro supertrekker that holds my Chamonix Alpinist and 2 lenses and all my misc but is only deep enough to hold 2 film holders. Its also not very confortable with outdated and underpadded shoulder straps. I would like something I could get 3-4 holders in and that will not hurt my body after a few hours. Ive been looking at the F-stop bags which seem super nice but are just so expensive. Ill check this bag out for sure. You feel its comfortable even with 4 lenses in it? Cheers.
    I do feel it was very comfortable over the 12 miles, even with all 4 lenses (including a Nikkor W 360). I really thought about using a hiking backpack like some folks are saying, but having to pull out separate cases to access my gear doesn't work for my flow. As for the padding, I've had some older lowepro bags that were very short in the padding department. I'm not sure when, but their newer bags have much more padding and it's designed like a hiking backpack. All in all the pack weighed in at 47.9 pounds and I wasn't sore after 12 miles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgtaylor View Post
    The 600 is similar to the newer 650 except that it allows for tripods to be carried on both sides as well as on the rear.
    I did take a look at the 600 but I wanted the side pockets for the dark cloth and accessories. I originally had the tripod on the back center, but the tripod was a bit too heavy to be so far mounted from my back. I typically keep it strapped to the side that carries my darkcloth, and not under the center flap as shown.

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    Re: Backpack for 8x10

    Haven't read every post . . .sorry if this is redundant.

    There is a school of thought that argues for finding a dedicated heavy duty backpack that fits you well. Then adapting the pack to carry the LF camera you have. This was the design concept behind the now discontinued "PhotoBackpacker" line of gear.
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