Thank you for welcoming me in and also for not turning the squirrel on me. I look forward to picking up on a lot of knowledge along the way and may, just maybe, passing along a couple of walnuts of knowledge myself.
With that being said, what brought you all into the large format for shooting? I first learned about it in from Randolph Community College (Randolph Technical Institute from the old days) and stepped into the exciting and dynamic world of Home Fashions Photography. Actually, I like it better when I say I take pictures of furniture. Film was King and 8x10s and 4x5s littered the studios until medium format and ultimately digital took over. The advances have been amazing and I understand what it takes to make it in this slice of the pie. I sold all of my large format gear many years ago to make way for DSLRs and all that fun stuff. What I missed was the control over a single shot that you could make in camera. Fast forward several years later and I have friends in the industry that have donated lots of stuff to help me get back into doing what I originally loved. So, what are your stories???