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Thread: Looking for a scanner mounting fluid

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    Looking for a scanner mounting fluid

    I have just purchased an 8x10 enlarger, and I am now make big prints using traditional enlargement methods. It appears when you make big stuff any imperfections in the film will be very visible such as minute scratches and dust spots. I have been thinking about using a scanner mounting fluid to help minimize these imperfects. I use a glass negative carrier to hold my film flat in the enlarger, and I am hoping to find a fluid that is easy to clean up after.

    Does anyone have any comments about this approach?

    Can you recommend a mounting fluid and a place to purchase it using the internet? I am also looking for cleaning fluids as well.

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    Doug Dolde

    Looking for a scanner mounting fluid

    Kami seems to be the best as it evaporates without a residue. They also make a cleaner.


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    Looking for a scanner mounting fluid

    It sounds like you're intending to use this "mounting fluid" in the same way we used other "anti-scratch" fluids in a liquid gate [still used in the motion pic industry]. What happens when you finish making your enlargement? At that point your negative is "mounted" to a piece of glass - right? Does it detatch afterward? Without harm to the negative?

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    Looking for a scanner mounting fluid

    "At that point your negative is "mounted" to a piece of glass - right? Does it detatch afterward? Without harm to the negative?"

    yes, it's how you mount film for drum scans (and you can do it on flatbeds as well)
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    Looking for a scanner mounting fluid

    Last time I bought it it was a minimum of 1 case (4x 1ltr.) You can mix the cleaner with the mounting fluid (2+2), sit down before you hear the cost. Also find out about shipping and ask questions about the cost.

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    Looking for a scanner mounting fluid

    Kami is one. Another is Prazio (in NA) or SDS (in Europe).

    I use the Prazio supplies for drum scanning. To do what you want to do, I suspect you'd want the Anti-Newton oil, the film cleaner, and the scanner wipes.

    Now the warning. This stuff is designed for use with drum scanners, not enlargers. Both the Kami fluid and the Prazio Anti-Newton oil are, according to their respective MSDSs, mostly naphtha. That means they are both flammable. Before you commit to using these materials, I think you'd be wise to evaluate your enlarger and darkroom situation. If your enlarger gets really hot like some of them do, you might be creating a fire (or worse, an explosion) hazard.

    What I'm saying is: be very careful.

    Bruce Watson

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    Looking for a scanner mounting fluid


    For commercial work, I and a couple other people used plain mineral spirits for use in enlargers. Never had a problem although it takes a lot longer to evaporate.


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    Looking for a scanner mounting fluid

    It's hard finding anyone who will sell smaller than wholesale quantities. One idea is to go to your local service bureau (or anyone that does drum scans) and ask if they'll sell you a bottle.

    Definitely best to use the real deal and not try to improvise with mineral spirits.

    If you still have trouble, try the scanhi-end group on yahoo. Someone there will know how you can get your hands on some.

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    Looking for a scanner mounting fluid

    These people sell a wet mounting kit for flatbeat scanners. They also sell wet mounting fluid in small packages.


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    Looking for a scanner mounting fluid

    Hi Stephen,

    Try talking with Kim Reed at Reed Photo in Denver. I think they'd be willing to sell you a single bottle of the stuff (it lasts a long time when just mounting small transparencies).


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