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Thread: 4x5 Camera

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    Re: 4x5 Camera

    I think it is amazing that there will now be 4 different 4x5 cameras for under 300€!

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    Re: 4x5 Camera

    Quote Originally Posted by Ari View Post
    Steve, like some others here, I'm not in the market, but I applaud your efforts and wish you well. You certainly seem to be on the right track in making an affordable and eminently usable view camera.
    The fact that you're already over-funded is cause for optimism in our ranks, since just a few short years ago, we weren't sure how long film would still be available.
    As you and Bryan have discussed, after-sale service is of utmost importance, in both near- and long-term, and I'd heartily encourage you to make that your priority once the KS ends.
    I'm sure you will, but just reminding you that these days, a company is made or lost on its service, less so on its products.
    Again, good luck, and splendid work!
    Thanks a lot. I agree that the resurgence in the interest in film is great. Whilst it's never 'died', it has dropped in visibility so the recent surge in new cameras is definitely a good thing to get new photographers interested in the medium. If I can support that in a small way then I will be very happy.

    Quote Originally Posted by barnacle View Post
    Hmm... I don't suppose you'd be able to supply a kit of bits to make a bellows? (He said hopefully, fully aware that you're probably up to your ears in production...)

    Sorry Neil, at the moment I'm working out the demands for building 109 cameras (so far) so I can't really commit to building extras too. If it's something I can come back to down the line, I'll post it on my site. Cheers

    Quote Originally Posted by angusparker View Post
    Could not resist placing an order ... always good to have a back up I tell myself, especially in yellow!
    That's fantastic, thanks a lot. I'll look out for your yellow Chroma as I'm building :0)

    Quote Originally Posted by ZacharyKessin View Post
    I think it is amazing that there will now be 4 different 4x5 cameras for under 300€!
    It's a great time to be involved in film photography. With the good work that Intrepid did 4 years ago to bring their 4x5 to market, along with other companies like Gibellini and Stenopeika there's an option for everyone :0)

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    Re: 4x5 Camera

    Thanks, Steve - I rather thought that might be the answer. But I had to ask... there are always a number of people hanging out here with a desire to build our own camera, and the bellows are always the hard part!


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