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Great thanks so much! I will probably go this route then. One other question if you don't mind—what do you use to rotate the drum? Do you do it manually?
I use the JOBO CPP2 unit and follow the time and temperature recommendations to the letter to maintain consistency. There are members who may be rotating the drum manually - the problem is keeping the temperature constant and the water bath on the JOBO units help in this respect. Color film temperature tolerances are +/- 0.5 degrees for the developer stage at least.

Make no mistake - the JOBO units are a significant investment. Used ones in good condition are expensive and the new CPP3 is US$3300. I have been using a CPP2 I bought used 15 years ago so the savings on sending the films out have been realized at this point.

I think you should start out following the lab recommendations of the fine folks on this forum.

If you REALLY get hooked on large format C-41 you will have to do your own accounting as to the volume of the work you do, the time spent with the postal system and turnaround time, and the money you spend on labs. You also have to consider your living situation - these units are not small. If your personal time value of money and personal space can accommodate a semi-automated processor like a CPP or CPE then it will probably become clear to you at some point. In some ways color developing is easier than black and white. You have to be a stickler for measuring chemicals and maintaining strict temperature and time, but it is a straightforward process and will be consistent if you are careful.