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Thread: Bogen/Manfrotto 2025 head improvement

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    Bogen/Manfrotto 2025 head improvement

    I posted a while back about wanting to replace the star knobs on the used 2025 head I had purchased, with something more comfortable, especially for the front tilt adjustment, which is more difficult, due to its position under the camera bed. Thanks to suggestions, I found two likely—and inexpensive—replacement candidates at Manfrotto checked with Italy HQ for me and found that the screw size for the knob is metric, M8. The pitch is specified as 1.25, but that is apparently standard. (By the way, the screw for the pan knob is smaller; I didn't ask that size.) The one error I made in ordering was to specify too long a screw length. 0.98- or .099-inch would have been fine; with the 1.18 length I ordered, I had to use a hacksaw to cut off the extra and file down the end. For reference, the two items I ordered are:

    Adjustable Handle, Item #: 419A64
    Star Grip Knob, Item #: 3GHR9

    For the front tilt, the adjustable handle is a major improvement—much better leverage makes it very easy to operate. For the side tilt, the new star knob is rather thin; the outer diameter is about the same as the one that comes on the tripod but the original offers more side to grip.

    I bought a can of PlastiDip tool handle coating and tried putting two coats each on the old and new star knobs. For my hands, the coating helped significantly, partly because the head knobs were a bit scuffed with some rough edges. I added two more coats and found that the old knob was actually better for me than the new one I had tried. The pan knob is missing in the first photo, because its PlastiDip is drying now. (PlastiDip does come in black; I just took the first can I saw.)

    If you buy replacements, you'll probably want some grease for the screw(s). I used black lithium grease I happened to have. If you have none, perhaps your car mechanic would oblige. By the way, If there is a Grainger store near you, you can pick up the items there and save the shipping fee.
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    Re: Bogen/Manfrotto 2025 head improvement

    Interesting to see that Manfrotto changed the levers that are on my old version of this head to star knobs. The older version has levers that can be pulled outward so that they release from the loosening/tightening mechanism. This enables you to reposition them to a more comfortable position. Only the horizontal rotation uses a star knob on my version.

    Your modification makes the head much more user-friendly.

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