Am looking too use my 4x5 Sinar Norma in the woods here in New England to start a photo project that I have wanted to do for years. Want to carry the following: 4x5 Norma, Sinar binocular (preferred choice) or adapted Cambo reflex finder, 3 lenses max, tripod, holders, meter, and misc. other smaller items. Will mostly be hiking on 4th class trails with a fair amount of bushwhacking to get to my destinations.

Now Minor White, Fred Picker, and many others have used their Sinar Norma's in the field... I wonder how they had transported their equipment... or maybe they just worked not all that far from their vehicles? Anyone have any insight into this?

The easiest part has been to find a lightweight tripod: Oben CT-3535 Folding Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod with BE-208T Ball Head per posted recommendation of Kenneth Morris Lee on his website. weight the center column down and works fine. Caring my Miller wooden tripod over my shoulder, not an option. Strapped vertically to my backpack, when bushwhacking takes only minutes for it to hang up on a tree limb that I bent over to avoid.

I have a vintage smallish Sinar Norma hard case that the 4x5 Norma fits into (hanging upside down) but when strapping it onto the packframe that I have, rides way too high and throws me off balance.

thanks for any recommendations in advance...