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Thread: New Color Carbon Printing Service business... A new trend ?

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    Re: New Color Carbon Printing Service business... A new trend ?

    It is awesome to see these young guys push the envelope so to speak. You guys are all light years beyond me. Like Bob says I'll stick with what I know. Single transfer monochrome carbon prints from the negatives I produce from the cameras I build. It is my simple way. Whatever works best for each of us is the way to go. It is great to watch.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: New Color Carbon Printing Service business... A new trend ?

    That was sure fun. But I'd hardly call lapis blue "dirt". If so, it's the most expensive dirt you've ever seen. And the notion of going out and grinding your own yellow ochre and red oxide distinctly risks mineral contaminants which might lead to bonding failure between the gelatin layers over time. Besides, those kinds of colorants are indeed "dirt cheap" already ground up and dispersed on industrial scale. And there is a long track record of toxicity with certain kinds of mere "dirt"popular for art and cosmetic purposes over the millennia, including chromium oxide green.
    I guess you could grind carnelian or rubies or precious coral to get a magenta, select malachite or jade for cyan, and amber for yellow. That way you'd have even more bragging rights for the most expensive print on earth to make. But I'm certainly going to watch more videos on his site. He's got a nice setup. Wish I had that kind of elbow room. Maybe I could send him some of that noxious yellowish fire ash that's collected atop my lab roof, and see what kind of picture it would work for.
    But I've seen a number of lovely full color carbon prints done with simple in-camera negatives, no digital tweaks involved.

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