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Thread: Vivitar large format lens

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    Re: Vivitar large format lens

    Quote Originally Posted by Jody_S View Post
    But the Komine-made stuff seems to be the most desirable of the Vivitar products, fetching several times the price of identical performers by other manufacturers.
    There's a lot of "brand snobbery", for sure. The same is often said for the Kino-made, Vivitar lenses, as well. Some go ga-ga over the Series 1 lenses which were actually made by several manufacturers. Some Vivitar lenses were great, for sure, and others just offered features you could not get anywhere else. A few provided both -- like my 90-180mm f4.5, Series 1, Flat-Field, Macro-focusing Zoom (made by Kino).

    From Camera-Wiki:

    09 (or 9) Cosina Company, Ltd. [1][2]
    13 Schneider Kreuznach [1][2]
    22 Kino Precision [1][2]
    25 Ozone Optical Co., Ltd.[1][2]
    28 Komine Co., Ltd. [1][2][3]
    32 Makina Optical Co., Ltd [1][2]
    33 Asanuma & Co., Ltd [1][2]
    37 Tokina Optical Company, Ltd [1][2][4]
    42 Bauer [1][2] (possibly Bauer trademark holder Robert Bosch GmbH)[5]
    44 Perkin-Elmer [1][2]
    47 Chinon Industries, Inc. [1][2]
    51 Tokyo Trading [1][2] (possibly a corruption of Tokyo Koki, a Tokina predecessor)[4]
    56 Kyoei Shoji Company, Ltd.[1][2]
    61 Samyang Optics Co., Ltd [1]
    75 Hoya Corporation [1][2]
    77 Kobori Mfg Co. Ltd [1]
    81 Polar [1][2]
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