Here's a 'heads-up' for those of you who use a Photoflex 'Changing Room' dark tent.

I bought mine in the mid-'90s to use when traveling. For the last 3-4 years I've used it for loading/unloading film holders and loading my film processing tank, since I lack a full darkroom.
A couple of years back I noticed that the silver fabric on the outside was beginning to flake off. Nowise, it was still clean inside. Then some sheets I processed yesterday came out fogged. Analysis of the type of fog suggested the Changing Room was leaking. So last night I put a desk lamp inside and closed it up.. that's right, pinholes.
Not a terrible thing (beyond the lost negs); in the future I will cover it with my focusing cloth and use it in a darkened room at night. At least until I get the darkroom finished.

I'm not complaining, or disparaging the product; it has served me well for over twenty years.
But if you have one, check it out before you use it again.