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Thread: PF130 Paper Developer test/review

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    PF130 Paper Developer test/review

    Somewhere recently I read about Ansco 130 paper developer giving deep blacks similar to Amidol with perhaps even a blue cast. So I had to try it out for myself and purchased the PF 130 paper developer which matches other formulas.
    You can read my full experiment here if interested

    But here is the short version:

    Dried prints scanned side by side with only sharpening in Lightroom.The slight bluriness of left image seems to be scanner focus issue.
    Left - Ilford MGFB Warmtone , exposed 20 seconds #2 filter + 1/2 stop burn top and bottom, 2:00 in developer - good blacks, less contrast and a bit mushy in midtones - could have exposed longer or used #2.5 filter.
    Right Ilford MGFB Classic , exposed 9 seconds #1.5 filter + 1/2 stop burn top and bottom, 1:30 in developer - great blacks and good contrast separation.

    Comments welcome
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    Re: PF130 Paper Developer test/review

    I use both amidol and 130 glycin tweaks. They're quite different, and amidol doesn't work well with just any paper, but can deliver a true cold tone with some. MGWT can selectively deliver blue-blacks in shadow values if developed to completion then gold toned; the the light areas will want to split warmish.

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