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Thread: I didnt know my wista can do this.....

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    Re: I didnt know my wista can do this.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Ron View Post
    i read the generic manual, its written half in Chinese with some english Im sure is only half the story.. there is a very small few lines showing the front rail swing which is what got me to try it.

    There is a knob on each side to do a small swing at the film.

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    Forgot that so many come with lousy manuals. Got used to Linhof and Sinar and Hasselblad stuff.
    I tend to procrastinate on stuff. One of these days I'll do something about it.

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    Re: I didnt know my wista can do this.....

    @Paul Ron: "Now that we know what we have.... how do we use it? Shall I start a new thread?"


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