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Thread: Hello Large Format guys. Greeting from L.A.

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    Hello Large Format guys. Greeting from L.A.

    Hi, I am Pepe. I just bought my first LF camera (it is in the mail) and before I start using it, I need to learn how to. So, I am here to read and learn.

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    Re: Hello Large Format guys. Greeting from L.A.

    Welcome to the Large Format Forum Pepe!

    Now while waiting for your camera to arrive you can study up & your in a great place to read, study & search for the answers to questions that certainly will come up. If you can't find the answers in there then ask away.

    Most of all have a BLAST!

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    Re: Hello Large Format guys. Greeting from L.A.

    Pepe, welcome. If you want to know about lenses Louis is your guy! Me, I don't know much of anything! Welcome and ask away! BTW, I used to live in Ventura and there are some great photographers in your area. They are on here. See if you can hook up with them. Seems like I'm down that way twice a year for a meet up. Joshua Tree, Eastern Sierra, Yosemite etc. so keep your eye out for meet ups. Great group of guys. It is what I did many many years ago.

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    Re: Hello Large Format guys. Greeting from L.A.

    Hello from Fresno!
    I steal time at 1/125th of a second, so I don't consider my photography to be Fine Art as much as it is petty larceny.
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    Re: Hello Large Format guys. Greeting from L.A.

    Bienvenidos de Colorado!

    Since you don't have the LF gear in hand yet, you can start off by telling us why and how you managed to get into LF work. That is often more interesting than the gear itself.

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