Fellow DIYers, LF shooters and especially those familiar with the insides of the Sinar P2,

In the past weeks I have been buying the separate components to make myself a Sinar P2 set. It started out with a body, extra bellows, extensions rails, etc. The rear and front standards are perfectly useable, but the rear standard has this annoying play on the knob for the rise/fall adjustment.

As you can see in the video there is some play in the knob. However, if I scan the entire +- 4 cm range in either direction, the movement is solid and doesn't slip. The gears are probably fine.

Elsewhere on the forum I found the maintenance manual for the P/X/P2, but it doesn't seem to cover this issue. Anyone here can tell me if I can service this myself, and if so, how?

If it were a P my first suspect would be the set screw that locks the knob on the axle, but it seems that the assembly on the P2 is a bit more complex than that. I am not certain where to begin, as I don't want to make it worse by not knowing what I am doing ;-).

Any input is appreciated.