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Thread: shall i move ?

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    Re: shall i move ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Courtlux View Post
    Fomapan 100 ! 50 sheets 4X5 30 € ! 8X10 50 sheets 120 € ! Super Film with Rodinal 1:50
    $60 au for 400 sheets of 4x5 (38 euro), Ro9 1:125

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    Re: shall i move ?

    If you are serious with LF, my advice is to go directly to 8x10. The best film is Kodak TMY2. Find a Kodak Master View camera.

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    Re: shall i move ?

    I'm new, like very new to LF so my advice is limited. However I've noticed many who shoot 8x10 also have 4x5.

    Even though I am allured I started with 8x10, I'll start with 4x5 and decide later if I'll move up.

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    shall i move ?

    Start with 4x5, learn the technique, take the camera around to shoot different subjects. 8x10 is really about contact printing as the film plane is not as flat as 4x5 so for most enlarged images (or scanned) 4x5 is better, plus who still has an 8x10 enlarger? 4x5 cameras and film are not only cheaper but the lenses choices are much wider and less pricey.

    As most LF equipment can be sold for roughly the same price it was bought for, start with 4x5 and if you want to upgrade or add an 8x10 you can always do it later.

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