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Thread: X-Connect flash sync

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    X-Connect flash sync

    I'm new to large format and have just acquired a Nikkor W 180 5.6. I want to connect a flash transmitter to it which has a PC sync (the Yougnuo 622c). The Nikkor has an x-connect sync.

    Does anybody know what cable I need for this :-)

    Thanks so much for your help. I have been lurking for a while here just trying to pick knowledge up and I am really impressed with the dedication and helpfulness of the LF community.

    Thanks again

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    Re: X-Connect flash sync

    Hi Simon,
    PC sync and X contact are almost the same, PC sync sometimes has an additional thread to fasten the connector to the port but you can use any X contact cable you can find. They're usually very cheap and easy to get. Something along these lines will do:


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    Re: X-Connect flash sync

    You need a standard flash cord. The type that comes with most flash units.

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    Re: X-Connect flash sync

    Thanks for the answers guys. I appreciate that.


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